Wireless Charging Stylus Pencil 2nd ipad Stylus Pen


Wireless Charging 2nd ipad Stylus Pen

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New active wireless charging stylus pen with palm rejection and tilt
stylus pencil 1st/2nd generation with display remaining power stylus with charging compatible with ipad 2018-2022
The adapted charging cable can turn on the pen.
Product components include:
1 x WKZP011C wireless charging pencil
2 spare nibs (can be used with the original iPad pencil)
1 instruction manual
1 wireless charging block
Parameters of the pen
Power Supply: 1pcs lithium battery(6.0*40 4.2V/90mAH)
Product working voltage: 3.5V—4.2V
Product working current: ≤10mA (under normal power-on)
Product charging current: ≤150mA
Charging voltage: 4.2V+/-0.05V
Sleep current (shutdown sleep state): <10uA
Charge saturation time: ≤90 minutes
Working time: >12H
On/off: Press the button on the top
Shutdown mode: automatically enter shutdown mode after 5 minutes of inactivity;
Estimated service life: ≥1 years
Tilt function: Yes
Adsorption function: Yes
Pressure sensitivity: None
Bluetooth power: Yes
Replaceable nib: Yes
Writing power: about 1.5N

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