Stylus Pen for iPad 9th&10th Generation


Stylus Pen for iPad 9th&10th Generation

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Stylus Pen for iPad 9th&10th Generation-2X Fast Charge Active Pencil Compatible with 2018-2023 Apple iPad Pro11&12.9” Air Mini

Size: D type 9*166mm
Battery capacity: 130mAh
Battery specification: 1pcs lithium battery(130mAh 8C)
Battery working voltage: 3.3V—4.2V
Product operating current: 15mA (normal state when booted)
Product input voltage: 4.6V-5.5V
Product charging current: 680mA±30mA
Battery charge voltage: 4.2V+/-0.05V
Sleep current (shutdown sleep state): ≤15uA
Conventional USB power supply: 5V/1A
Product quality: The net weight of the pen is about 15.0±2g
Charging interface: Type-C
Full time: 15 minutes
Barrel material: aluminum rod
Nib material: POM
Nib size: 1.2mm
Main features: Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on/off the power
When the stylus pen is connected with Bluetooth of ipad
Click to return to the main interface;
Double -click to switch the multi -tasking menu.
Charging indication: When the green light flashes, 5% of the power needs to be charged
Three lights flash alternately to indicate the state of charge
Three green lights are solid to indicate a fully charged state
Display light: 3 green light 100% power
2 green light 70%
15% of 1 green light
Applicable models: suitable for iPads above 2018
Auto-sleep: 5 minutes without auto-sleep

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